About Legal Marketing Services

We have launched over 100 new legal Web sites in the UK, Ireland, and the USA.

We have an expert team of legal writers that produce content for launching new Web sites and keeping existing Web sites fresh.

We know how to reach potential clients online.

We know how to develop a valuable online brand that inspires trust.

We know how to design Web sites that turn site visitors into enquires and instructions.

Values Underpinning Our Work

  • High Quality – Legal Marketing Services approach is focused on providing high quality services that create a significant return on investment for our clients and partners.
  • Authenticity – our philosophy is to deal with others openly, honestly and directly.
  • Trust – at Legal Marketing Services, we believe that integrity is the key to our way of doing business and that this creates the trust essential for effective and enjoyable working relationships.
  • Being Valued – through the work that we do, and the way that we do it, we like to feel valued by those with whom we work. This means a strong focus both on achieving the desired results and on developing constructive and effective relationships.