Law Firm Online Strategy Report

Legal Marketing is offering a unique service in the UK and USA that aims to help clients align their Web sites with their business objectives. In most law firms, this means significantly increasing online lead generation and instructions from new clients.

Law Firm Online Strategy Report is a customized report that provides a comprehensive review of all the potential issues negatively affecting your site as well as recommendations for improving audience targeting, site user experience, search engine friendliness, and most importantly, online lead generation. The service also includes detailed competitive analysis with the objective of ensuring the client’s site outperforms its competition.

Research Options

Online Presence

Review the current performance of the company and its brands online, including current organic search results and any requirements for reputation management.

Site Statistics

Analyse current Web site traffic to identify how current site visitors arrive at site and navigate it. The statistics might reveal interesting information about conversion rates, site stickiness, etc.

Competitive Analysis

A key objective of most Web sites is to be at least superior at generating business than any direct competitors. Examine how the competition is attracting traffic and concerting site visitors. This includes detailed analysis of both organic and paid search results of direct competitors.

Site User Experience

Review Web site from a site visitor-perspective, identifying areas where users may experience difficulties such as Web site navigation

Lead Generation

Review current lead generation strategies and campaigns. For most law firms, this is the most important aspect of any site review

Search Keyword Research

Identify most important target keywords, based on search volume, potential business value, and competition. Develop a value proposition and call to action for each target keyword. Identify tail-end target keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

Identify any technical issues/problems that may affect how search engines rank your current Web site. This includes suggestions for onsite-optimization, including internal and external link analysis.

Content Strategy

Identify options for keeping the Web site up to date and relevant for site visitors.

Social Media Strategy

Identify options for social media

Report Structure

Project Scope

The topics covered in the report are agreed in advance. The typical project objective is to develop an online marketing plan for dominating the client’s target market, increasing site visitor volumes, and improving the conversion rates.

Project Prerequisites

  • A project sponsor must be available to discuss business objectives
  • There must be a clear business objective agreed in advance of starting the project, which will be the focus of the report.
  • There must be Web site statistics available, specifically the free services available from Google.
  • It may be necessary to make changes to the client site (setting up statistics, testing some search-optimizations, setting up test lead generation campaigns).

Report Contents

The output of the analysis is a report that covers both the immediate steps to make improvements and options for a longer term strategy:

Specific list of actions that need to be taken to improve current online presence.

Options for developing an online strategy.

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